A big thank you goes out to all the loyal fans who crowded into the Carl Perkins Center on January 5th, 2012 for a Heated Night of Action. Recapping the action is as follow: in the 1st match, Arson rolled up Duke Allstriker. Duke became somewhat distracted while posing and talking to the fans, proclaiming his great talent when the unexpected happened. U know what they say: When U snoose, U lose. In the 2nd match, Morehead’s own Killer Kurt 1 upped Billy Rich. This duo worked their 1st professional match together and after many years, there is still a fire a burning. In the 3rd match, Mr. V.I.P. Jarrod Slone, in a very exciting, quick moving match, out witted and out worked Alex Angel for the win. In the 4th match, newcomer, Deacon Knight, an extremely talented and high flying professional was no match for the Bulldozer. With his weight advantage and brute force, the Bulldozer reigned supreme on this night. In our 5th match, the Tag Team Championship Belts were on the line. As introduction were being made, Playboy Scotty Hayes was attacked by an unknown party, struck from the behind and rendered disabled. As U know the show must go on, so Ron Mathis battled Picture Perfect, Jordan Kage and his partner Sweet Scotty Ace. Ace was forced to suit up by the owner, Kerry Campbell, as the other half of the Champs, Muldoon, was no where to be found. After holding his own, Mathis, tiring, experienced the tide turning. His partner, Hayes, returned to the ring and evened the score. As Playboy was trying to gain a victory over Kage, the official had been knocked out of the ring. Hayes went over to assist the ref and while helping him was given the boot by Sweet Scotty. As the action ended, Kage gained the win over Hayes as Ace was celebrating and Mathis was laid out on the floor. In our Heavyweight Championship match, Jock Samson was victorious over Onyx, the Black Superman. Once again, an unknown figure entered the ring as the ref was distracted by sweet Scotty Ace, and proceeded to give Onyx a Belt to the head and the rest is history. I would not want to be around as Onyx returns to the Center in February if I were the hooded intruder.

2012 is going to be a big year for the NewOCW. We will be continuing our monthly shows, the 1st Thursday of each month at the Carl Perkins Center, Morehead, Kentucky. We will also be returning to the Ashland National Guard Armory, Ashland, Kentucky in February. The NewOCW will be adding new faces to the roster and have signed contracts to bring some ladies and little people to Morehead.

The NewOCW is always eager to partner with schools in an effort to raise money. We also have a Birthday package available for our Fan Base. Continue to support our efforts; bring your family, neighbors and friends to our shows. See you at one of our shows.

  1. brittney snyder says:

    would u all think about coming to paintsville

    • newocw says:

      My good friends, Ken and Lisa Cantrell run Bluegrass Championship Wrestling at the Paintsville Community Center on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Hope to see you there.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Hey, my name is Jimmy, I’m a fan of ocw. I came to a ton of your shows. If your looking for some new talent I know some guys. About 5 guys and one is 18, three 17 year olds, and one 16 year old, yeah we are young but we are looking for a place to train and put our talents out there. We know the risks, we all do backyard wrestling. Here’s my email if you have further questions, if not email me anyways and tell me. jimmyabrams01@yahoo.com. I’m just asking for a min of your time. I’d sure appricate it. Please feel free to email me anytime, I have some question I’d like to ask you, have a great day. Jimmy.

    • newocw says:

      In the Commonwealth of kentucky, you must be 18 years old and have a Kentucky wrestler’s license. Contact me at any time and I will answer your questions.

  3. RandallAD says:

    speaking of that event, it was a great show..but are you going to be coming back after the events that transpired after the final match?

    • newocw says:

      Absolutely, November 3rd at the Carl Perkins Center, Doors open 6:30; Bell-time 8:00. Morehead’s 1st Casket Match where the winner places his opponent in the casket sitting outside the ring and closes the casket top. This is for the NewOCW heavyweight belt featuring Champion Onyx vs Alex Angel.

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